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Coming soon to America!!

We are waiting for Applestone LZR UTV to arrive to demonstrate and show to potential USA and Canadian retailers and also the public. We are also looking for potential Service centers.

Why Applestone LZR ? It's a very high quality dependable UTV !! Applestone LZR The brand you can Trust !!

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Applestone LZR 1100 CC UTVs Specifications

2 and 4 seater vehicles available

Red Applestone LZR 1100 CC UTV Vehicle

Basic Vehicle Specifications:

  • Type: 1100CC
  • Certificate: EEC and EPA
  • Fuel: Gas or Diesel
  • Transmission Type: Automatic
  • Brand Name: Applestone
  • Model: Fast and Furious (FF LZR 1100)
  • Colors Available: Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Camo, Lime

Additional 1100cc Utility Vehicle Information and Specs

  • Dimensions (2 seater): 2,905 x 1,450 x 1,854mm (114.37 x 57.08 x 72.99 inches)
  • Cargo Bed / Powered Dump: 1380 x 900 x 350mm (54.33 x 35.43 x 13.77 inches)
  • Displacement: 1100cc
  • Over Sized Radiator and oil cooler with twin cooling fan system
  • Min. ground clearance: 320mm (12.598 inches)
  • Max. speed: 120 km/h (74.5 mph)
  • Braking : Front & Rear Dual Ventilated Twin Piston Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Type: 1100cc, 4-Stroke 4 cylinders
  • Starting System: Electric
  • EFI Electronic Fuel Injection System - Delphi
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive Train: Push button 3-way locking differential, 2WD, 4WD, locked 4WD;shaft
  • Suspension/Front: Independent Double Wishbone
  • Suspension/Rear: Independent Double Wishbone
  • Tires/Front: 25*8-12 NHS
  • Tires/Rear: 25*10-12 NHS
  • Fuel capacity: 30L (7.925 gallons)
  • Dry weight: 575 kgs (1267.66 lbs)
  • Fully functional digital back-lit LED display

Many options available with all Applestone UTV's

  • Removable Doors are standard with all Applestone UTV's, except children's 150cc
  • Windshield and wiper
  • Roof
  • MP3
  • Aluminum rims
  • Electric Winch
  • Enclosure: 2 seater
  • Snow Plow
Yellow Applestone LZR 1100 CC UTV Vehicle

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